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발표자명단(분과별 가나다순)
초록 접수중입니다.
  • 이동헌(고려대), TBA
  • 대수학 - 최도훈(고려대), Newman's conjecture on the partition function  [초록]
  • 해석학 - 김승혁(한양대), Quantitative stability for sharp inequalities and critical points of their Euler-Lagrange equations  [초록]
  • 기하학 - 조종택(전남대), What kind of symmetry does go well with a contact structure?  [초록]
  • 위상수학 - 오승상(고려대), Perfect matchings in the 3-dimensional cubic lattice  [초록]
  • 응용수학 - 설윤창(전남대), TBA
대수학 분과(가나다순)
  • Ei Thu Thu Kyaw(전북대), On the structure of the induced subgraphs of the zero-divisor graph of a matrix ring over number rings  [초록]
  • 김광섭(조선대), On An×Cm-unramified extensions over imaginary quadratic fields  [초록]
  • 정근영(전남대), The average analytic rank of elliptic curves with a prescribed level structure  [초록]
  • 황원태(전북대), Non-Jordaness of the automorphism group of some induced subgraphs of the zero-divisor graph of a matrix ring over number rings  [초록]
 해석학 분과(가나다순)
 기하학 분과(가나다순)
  • 김성민(전남대), Hypersurfaces in 6-dimensional nearly Kähler manifolds  [초록]
  • 김진홍(조선대), On the positive monotonicity of a compact symplectic S1-manifold  [초록]
  • 이승재(경북대), A version of L2-Hodge theory for complex hyperbolic space forms with finite volume [초록]
 위상수학 분과(가나다순)
  • 김민기(광주과학기술원), Nerves, Lerayness, and Helly type theorems  [초록]
  • 김진하(전남대), Star clusters in independence complexes of hypergraphs  [초록]
  • 유형기(순천대), Three-pages presentation of knot  [초록]
  • 한상언(전북대), New types of digital topological structures on ℤn  [초록]
 응용수학 분과(가나다순)
  • 조영상(한국공학대), Mathematical modeling of autocatalytic reaction from the particle with various shapes including finite cylinder  [초록]
 수학교육 분과(가나다순)
  • 한상언(전북대), Topological properties of the Jordan curve theorem from the viewpoint of digital topology and their applications  [초록]